De Sede DS 600 Non Stop 22 Pieces Sectional Sofa in Dark Brown Leather

DS600 'Non Stop' sectional sofa by by Ueli Bergere, Eleonora Peduzzi-Riva, Heinz Ulrich and Klaus Vogt for De Sede, Switzerland 1972. The sofa contains 22 pieces with the original smooth dark 'chocolate' brown leather upholstery with a matching brown felt base and back. 22 pieces of which 20 seating sections and two armrests. The name 'Non Stop' sofa is not without a reason; the sofa can be zipped together all along. 22 pieces is in my opinion a beautiful amount; Royal in a spacious room and perfect to create a dynamic, organic curved shape. This is an early model from the 1970's in original mint condition; smooth leather with a subtle patina.

DIMENSIONS: W 550 cm x D 100 cm x H 75 / seat: 40 cm