Giorgio Montani modular sofa for Souplina, France 1970s

Large modular sofa by Giorgio Montani modular sofa for Souplina, France 1970s. Stunning outspoken stainless steel structure and mohair velvet upholstery. Very intriguing contrast between the ultra modern and hard 'outer shel'l and the traditional soft padded 'inner shell'.
The cushions are reupholstered in a high quality compact voluminous Mohair velvet from the collection of Pierre Frey ® following the original model and stitching pattern of the old upholstery. The foam and inner structure and material is kept original. The sofa is very comfortable; soft and cosy. Very large combination offering plenty of dynamic seating places and also makes it possible to cocoon on the sofa easily with for several people. In excellent condition.

DIMENSIONS: Corner elements: W 90 x D 90 x H 65 / Middle elements: W 70 x D 90 x H 65 Seat H: 38 cm