Unique Sculptural Wooden Dining Table By Nerone & Patuzzi

Unique 'one of a kind' wooden Sculptural dining table by Nerone and Patuzzi for Gruppo NP2, Italy 1970. The table can be used both as a dining- or as a center table. Composed of solid wooden layers which are routed out in a beautiful artistic form. Nerone Ceccarelli developed a special technic to achieve an unique result on the surface of the wood; he first burned the wood with a flame and waxed it in. The flame and wax giving it it's unique warmth and saturation. The table has a clear wax finish providing an extra depth and rich feeling to the surface. On top of the base lays a 19 mm thick glass top on the original rubber parts which are making sure the top doesn't slide away and to protect the glass. Very solid table in an excellent condition.