Cubist Steel Sculpture on Travertine base, 1978

Cubist Steel Sculpture on Travertine base, France 1978. Unique sculpture made out of Corten steel sheets showing a abstract cubistic laying figure. The sculpture is placed on a travertine base. The surface of the sculpture shows a beautiful oxidation which provides a nice structured relief, the oxidation process of the corten steel is stopped with a special finish, therefore the sculpture gained a darker color and leaves no traces like rust etc. Spectacular cubistic shapes combined with interesting curves. It's hollow from the inside and therefore it's also possible to place it on floors with lower carrying capacity. The sculpture has always stand inside a Parisian apartment but can also be place outside in a garden or a roof terrace. Thwe sculpture is signed by the artist: J B Yowhey, 78. Very characteristic piece in excellent condition.

DIMENSIONS: W 170 x D 50 x H 141 cm / without base: 162,5 x 40,5 x H 84 cm